Gulf Coast Center for Nonviolence Christmas ‘Adopt a Family’ program in full swing

Another organization on the Coast lending a helping hand this holiday season is the Gulf Coast Center for Nonviolence.

The GCCN’s annual Christmas Adopt-a-Family program is currently underway with plenty of families in need of some Christmas cheer this year.

Some families at GCCN’s shelter that have been impacted by interpersonal violence, such as domestic violence, don’t have the means to have a Christmas and that’s where Adopt-a-Family program comes in.

GCCN depends on the generosity of the community to help donate gifts, supplies, and whatever else these families need in order to have a great Christmas.

You can request to sponsor an individual, a small or large family, or multiple families. Any amount helps. Communications Manager Rene Davis said, “Especially if you are trying to get established anew in this environment where there’s not a lot of employment. It’s a difficult environment for everybody. It’s going to be a hard Christmas and we know that, so we’re trying to provide for as many people as we can to make sure this is something hopeful for them at the end of a hard year.”

Davis says GCCN still has 60 families that need help and there could be even more as the holidays draw closer. For more information on how to donate or help a family, email

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