Gulf Coast against Mandates holds vaccine mandate protest in Pascagoula

Hundreds are gathering along Highway 90 in Pascagoula to rally against mandated COVID-19 vaccines.

The call to action was started by a Facebook group called ‘Gulf Coast against Mandates’ which has a following of almost 7,000.

The protest stems from the mandated vaccine for all federal contractors, who must now become vaccinated or be faced with termination from their jobs.

One of the co-founders of the group, Joseph Triplett, has been an employee at Ingalls Shipbuilding for the past ten years and he must now face a decision he feels he shouldn’t have to make.

He helped create the group to show that there is a valuable number of individuals seeking an accommodation so they can continue to work and keep their freedom of choice.

The protest attracted more than just workers at Ingalls and the founders of Gulf Coast against Mandates’ stress that this is not about the vaccine, but choice. Gulf Coast resident Melody Coles said, “I say that as an individual you have to stand for what you believe, but I believe you have the freedom to choose.”

Gulf Coast resident Robert Fairley said, “I guess for the people that are elderly or those that already have medical problems, that it’s a great benefit most likely for them. If they choose to take it, but as far as forcing people to take it, I don’t believe they should be forced.”

Gulf Coast against Mandates Co-Founder Joseph Triplett said, “We’re not going to let our freedom of choice, our liberty, be taken away from us. Just because they say so, doesn’t mean that we have to do these things. The federal government is overreaching in this.”

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