Gubernatorial candidates speak at Neshoba County Fair

The clock is ticking on the campaign trail for candidates before the primary election next Tuesday. One of the major positions up for grabs is governor.

News 25’s Gabby Easterwood visited the Neshoba County Fair today, where many of the gubernatorial candidates spoke.

The Neshoba County Fair is a staple in the state as ‘Mississippi’s Giant House Party,’ but it is also a place where political candidates can give a final push on their campaign trail before primaries.

Six of the eight Democratic gubernatorial candidates gave their pitch as to why they believe they are the best choice for our state, including Attorney General Jim Hood, the front-runner on the Democratic ticket. “This race for governor is fighting for the working people. That’s all I’ve done as attorney general is fighting for those who can’t fight for themselves and thank you for the honor of letting me do that. With your help, that is what I will do as governor.”

All three of the Republican candidates rallied the crowd. The first Republican candidate to step up to the stage was current State Representative Robert Foster. He has served one term so far and says that shouldn’t stand in the way of the voters. “Well I can tell you that after being there for four years as a state representative, that’s the exact problem that we have. We put people on a career path to politics for so long that by the time they get to where they are supposed to be to help our state they have made so many promises that they can’t do what is in the best interest for our state.”

Next up was former State Supreme Court Justice Bill Waller Jr. “There have been three issues that have been consistent with me since I entered the race on February 28th and the first is education and make Mississippi roads great again.”

Rounding out the Republican candidates was Lt. Governor Tate Reeves. “I look forward to working with all of you to make Mississippi an even better place to invest capital, an even better place to create jobs, and an even better place to raise a family.”

Governor Phil Bryant wrapped up the candidates speeches. His two terms as governor is setting up the stage for his successor.

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