Gubernatorial candidates Hood and Reeves face off in debate

The two major party candidates for Mississippi governor went head to head tonight for their second governor’s debate in less than a week.

Hosted by WCBI in Columbus, Democrat Jim Hood and Republican Tate Reeves went back and forth on a variety of different topics.

The two voiced their plans for mental health, failing schools, and teacher pay, which was a hot issue at last week’s debate.

Republican Tate Reeves explains that he already has a plan in place for a teacher pay raise if elected. “I have a plan to continue to increase teacher pay. I announced it along with a number of Gulfport school teachers last week, and that plan includes $4,300 over the next four years, $1,500 in year one, $1000 in year two and year three and $800 increase in year four.”

While Hood did not elaborate on an exact plan, he does mention that it will be his priority to increase Mississippi teacher salaries. “We need to pay our teachers to the southeastern average, which is about $51,000. You know, Tate Reeves has been out there for eight years and had opportunities to do that and has not done that. So it will be a priority for me to make sure that we pay our teachers, at least the southeastern average.”

While the candidates have expressed their desire to do a third debate in another region of the state, they have yet to agree on a third debate before the November election day.

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