Gubernatorial candidates discuss ‘brain drain’

Education, health care, and Mississippi roads were just some of the topics the two gubernatorial candidates battled out last night during a live televised debate.

One of the topics important to Mississippians that seemed to get each candidate heated was the ‘brain drain.’

This was a question brought to the debate through WCBI’s social media. The ‘brain drain’ refers to the amount of educated and bright young people who leave Mississippi or avoid it all together, which in turn takes away from what they could do for our state and the economy.

Both candidates touched on how we can keep or bring these people to the state and what we can offer them to do so. Democratic Candidate Jim Hood said, “Mississippi has lost more of our young people the past six years than any other state in this country. And it’s because our economy has grown at a rate of 2 percent since 2009. We’ve got to cut the community college tuition, so that our kids can go tuition free. We want to put them on a tech skills track. We know what it takes. It takes technology jobs, and we can do that as there’s examples all over our state. And those are things that we have to do to stop the brain drain.”

Republican candidate Tate Reeves said, “A way to ensure that our kids and our grandkids stay here is about having good jobs here. Let me tell you what I won’t do in my first year as governor, I won’t raise taxes on the very employers that we want to come here and employ our young people, both in state and out of state, we need more of them. We need more job creators. And so the way for us to keep our best and our brightest here is to have better jobs for them. And the way to do that is through lower taxes, less regulation, and encouraging more entrepreneurship.”

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