Gubernatorial Candidate David Singletary stops by WXXV

Just one day after the two major party candidates took part in a televised debate, Independent Candidate David Singletary stopped by News 25. He spoke about his own plan to reform the healthcare system.

While Tate Reeves says it is too expensive to pay for the $220 million Obamacare plan, Singletary says he has a proposal to bring more revenue into the state.

His plan includes what he calls ‘educating our way out of poverty.’ That would lead to a higher trained workforce paying more taxes, but he says his final proposal is something that would keep people in the state, while offering a one-of-a-kind industry in Mississippi. “So, build up the per capita income, educate your public, and legalize cannabis. I think Mississippi ought to jump in front of the wave and legalize recreational since we’ve been growing it up at Ole Miss for 50 years. We’re the only federal research facility in the country. We’ll have people flying in here to cure cancer with cannabis, and we’ll have people in here getting treatments for Alzheimer’s with cannabis.”


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