Group Protests Cole Bros. Circus at Coliseum

Tuesday night’s 7:30 p.m. show was the last for the Cole Brothers Circus in Biloxi on this tour, and as they get ready to head to Hattiesburg for the next event, protestors will be following them.

Protestors stood along Highway 90 Tuesday night, peacefully protesting the abuse of animals in the circus. They held up signs bearing pictures of restrained, beaten, and tired elephants and tigers for drivers and circus goers to see. This local group is a collection of animal lovers who feel the time for animal exploitation for entertainment is at an end.

Taylor Owen, protest organizer, says, "Basically, we’re just trying to educate as many people as we can and let them know that it is time to phase out animals in the circus. There is really no need for it. It’s cruel. All the things that they have to go through, they use Tasers to train the baby elephants. A lot of these animals are born into it. It’s just ridiculous. They need to be retired at least to an animal sanctuary."

The group will be protesting the Cole Brothers shows in Hattiesburg and will be returning to the Coast to protest this weekend’s rodeo at the Coliseum as well.

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