Grillers compete in inaugural Grillin’ the River City event

Good food and a great time were the key ingredients that made ‘Grillin’ the River City’ a success over the weekend.

Seven grill masters competed along the riverside to win a trophy for the best BBQ food and free entry at the Pascagoula Cook-off.

The community taste tested for themselves and voted alongside the judges for the best chicken, pulled pork, and ribs.

Two local champions from Moss Point won the ‘Memphis and May BBQ Cooking Contest’ last year, they walked around showing support to each team and gave advice for cooking techniques. Moss Point Main Street Association President Susan Stachowski said, “So impressed this morning, the grillers spent the night and just as the sun came up, we were watching the beautiful sunrise over the water, but one of the teams played the National Anthem and everybody here stood at attention, took their hats off, and it was just such comradery. It was just beautiful and these people, some of them are just starting out. This was my first time to cook and I’ll do it again. Some of them are getting their feet wet and it is a good place to start.”

The River City is already planning more family-oriented events which are expected very soon.