Greg Jennings would take a pay cut and stay in Dallas if he was in Dez Bryant’s shoes

– How does this really go with– with Dez? Like you’ve played–


– You’ve played in the NFL. You’ve had to switch teams. OK? Does he have to switch teams? Does he take less money and a lesser role? Like how does it really work?

– Doug, I will– I’ve said this earlier in the week. If I’m– if I’m Dez Bryant, and they come to me and they ask me to take a pay cut, take it. And I know that now. And I– it’s easy for me to say that now, because I did not do that–


– –when I was asked. And, eventually, every player– once that guaranteed money is up and your play isn’t continuing to excel– they don’t care how old you are. They don’t care the dollar– look, we want constant improvement. We want to get the bang– most bang for our buck.

And Dez Bryant, he doesn’t make Dak Prescott better. So when you look at that, you weigh that in now too. Like, man, he’s not– he’s not allowing our young quarterback to grow. Because he’s– he’s not a route tree guy. He doesn’t run every route. He– he’ll say, Yeah, I can run any and every route, but he’s a fade guy. He’s a back shoulder guy. He’s– he’s an in cut guy. He doesn’t run slants very well.

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