Great Kindness Challenge Day

D’Iberville High School students not only accepted the Great Kindness Challenge this week at school, they excelled at it.
The Kindness Challenge is a national initiative for schools the week of January 25th through the 29th. It encourages proactive bullying prevention through acts of kindness.
Members of the Students against Violence Everywhere or SAVE club at the high school did just that today. They wanted to make sure that every student and teacher that walked into the school today felt just a little bit more special. SAVE Club Member Christian Robrecht said, “We had note cards made that we passed out to some of the students that had positive messages on them and they are going to pass them around to their friends and during first period we also handed out goodie bags to our staff members, custodians, cafeteria workers just to show our appreciation. It honestly made my day, like, I felt so good seeing everybody smile as they walked through the door.”
The acts of kindness will not stop there for the club members. They plan to stop by the D’Iberville Police Station later on and give them some goodies.

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