Governor Tate Reeves surveys tornado damage

Mississippi Governor Tate Reeves today toured parts of the state that were hit hard by severe weather on Sunday.

Soso was one of the areas in Jones County that suffered heavy damage.

Drone video shows homes with roofs ripped off and tarps covering what remains of some roofs, along with many downed trees.

Governor Reeves praised the efforts of volunteers who came to help those impacted by the storm.

He reminded them of the need to stay vigilant against the Coronavirus as the cleanup effort goes on. “Of Jones County and the folks throughout these communities, Jasper County and other places, are stepping up and doing what we do in these times and just can’t tell you how stepping up and doing what we do in these times. I just can’t tell you how proud I am of every single one of you, but I also want to reiterate and this is critically important, most of all of you are wearing masks and I appreciate that. Continue to do so. Unfortunately, the wind blowing has not stopped the virus from being out there and it having the opportunity to spread so please stay safe, stay smart. Help your friends, help your neighbors, say an extra prayer for everybody in this state.”

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