Governor Tate Reeves holds virtual town hall to discuss COVID-19

Governor Tate Reeves addressed Mississippians in a town hall meeting tonight.

Just this morning, the Mississippi Department of Health confirmed 257 new cases of COVID-19 and nine new deaths.

Governor Reeves and a panel made up of Mississippi’s State Epidemiologist Dr. Paul Byers, the Senior Deputy for the Office of Protection Jim Craig, and Mississippi EMA Executive Director Greg Michel answered questions from residents around the state.

The questions ranged from receiving unemployment benefits, the possibility of reopening school, and if the virus will impact the upcoming elections in November.

Reeves said the most important thing for Mississippians to remember is to stay safe. “We believe the shelter-in-place orders are something that you can do, but it should be done as a last resort. We believe it’s something you can do for a certain period of time, but you cannot have shelter in place orders that go on for weeks and weeks and months and months on end because if you do people are going to quit complying with it.”

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