Governor Tate Reeves designates April as ‘Confederate History Month’

Governor Tate Reeves designates April as Confederate History Month amid the COVID-19 outbreak.

News 25’s Victoria Bailey speaks with Coast residents about the proclamation and has details.

Biloxi Branch NAACP President James Crowell said, “If we’re going to be united as one state, we need to move away from that Confederate.”

Along with issuing the state-wide stay-at-home order, Governor Tate Reeves also signed a proclamation designating the month of April as ‘Confederate Heritage Month.’ “At Beauvoir we normally have a Confederate Memorial Day event. We have our honor guard come out. We have our guest speakers. We pay honor to the veterans.”

Beauvoir Director of Development and Programs Kitsaa Stevens says the proclamation is a sign of unity. “It’s really about those soldiers of the North and South who laid down their lives in the service of their country. All veterans need to be remembered and this is kind of one for the little Confederate guys.”

Reeves follows in the footsteps of several governors before him by issuing the proclamation, but Biloxi Branch NAACP President James Crowell says making this proclamation shouldn’t be at the top of the priority list. “Only seven states, I believe, celebrate this and that tells you right there it’s not something the whole country agrees with. So, to bring this out, to talk about this during this pandemic I think is a bad thing. I think the governors need to make that change. They need to stop honoring that day because that was the day that they went against the United States. It’s not something you should really uphold.”

The COVID-19 cases continue to climb in Mississippi and Crowell says at this rate staying safe during the crisis should be at the forefront. “This pandemic is something that none of us have ever seen before and never thought we would see in our lifetime. A lot of people are losing their lives. So, for that reason we need to be more working on emphasis trying to get this virus taken care of.”

“Just because we have a little situation going on in the world does not mean we should stop living our lives and celebrating the things in our life that are important to us. Family, Southern Heritage, history. Celebrate who we are, what we are, and what we’ve become over the last several hundred years,” said Stevens.

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