Governor Tate Reeves addresses recent protests

Today, all businesses in the state of Mississippi are allowed to reopen, but at today’s press briefing, Governor Tate Reeves discussed the ongoing protests happening across the country following George Floyd’s death.

Reeves said he heard the chants outside his home this weekend and the officers allegedly  responsible will have their day in court and he prays justice will be done.

The governor stressed that people have a right to be angry following this tragedy.

Reeves applauded Mississippians for keeping protests peaceful. “I know that the people of Mississippi do not want to burn down their communities. Those people protesting want a voice, not violence. We will never suppress speech and protests in Mississippi, as long as I’m governor. We will make an honest effort to listen. These days, it seems like we’re always talking at each other, we’re talking past each other, rather than talking with each other, aiming for an audience, rather than a conversation. I do not want to contribute to that problem. I also want to be clear that no one has a first amendment right to burn or to loot.”

Governor Reeves is still stressing that the threat of the coronavirus is still present.

With people going out to protest peacefully, Governor Reeves and Dr. Thomas Dobbs are urging Mississippians to stay safe, wear your masks, and stay socially distant, following the CDC guidelines.

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