Governor Tate Reeves addresses jump in COVID-19 cases

Governor Tate Reeves today addressed the increase in COVID-19 cases which now seems to be jumping to the 300 mark daily.

Governor Reeves said there is a resource for all of our hospitals and long-term care facilities that is not being utilized to the full extent.

PPE is being provided to those facilities to make it safe for reuse in order to decrease costs and slow the rate of PPE usage.

For healthcare facilities you can access the free N-95 sterilization on the MEMA website. “We hope that all of our health care facilities will take advantage of this situation. Beyond that, we’re also going to provide a tool kit and guidance to all our facilities to help and procuring their own PPE as we move into the summer and into the fall, that’s going to obviously be very important. It also will allow us to diversify the supply chain and help everyone become self-reliant.”

The Mississippi State Department of Health reported a cluster of COVID-19 infections related to a recent funeral in northeast Mississippi.

The funeral was held on May 17th, 2020 in the city of Baldwyn and was attended by approximately 100 people.

At least seven COVID-19 cases in Mississippi and at least two cases in out-of-state residents have been identified in individuals who attended the event.

Dr. Thomas Dobbs continues to urge Mississippians to stay socially distant and away from large gatherings.

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