Governor Reeves visits Coast to talk hurricane preparedness

Five days into the official start of hurricane season… and already a third named storm threatening the Gulf Coast.

This afternoon, Mississippi Governor Tate Reeves and MEMA Executive Director Greg Michel held a hurricane preparedness press conference in Gulfport to discuss the unique challenges of going through hurricane season in the midst of a global pandemic.
As Tropical Storm Cristobal continues to build strength in the Gulf of Mexico… Governor Reeves is stressing the importance of tracking these storms more than ever before.

“Everyone down here knows more about weather than I’ll ever know, but one thing that seems pretty clear to me is until the eye of these storms really get into the Gulf and over water, it’s really a crap shoot as to exactly what they’ll turn into and so we’ve got to monitor that over the next 12 to 24 hours. And we’ll be prepared to step up, but I think the biggest challenge that we’re looking at before, particularly simultaneously with hurricanes and COVID-19,” Reeves says.

Hurricane season started this past Monday and ends November 30th.



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