Governor Reeves provides digital footprint update

Governor Tate Reeves held a press conference today to provide updates on the Office of Broadband Expansion and Accessibility of Mississippi created by the 2022 legislature.

At the direction of the 2020 legislature, the public utilities staff administered $75 million in Cares Act funding in broadband grants primarily for electric power associations.

In February, the state was awarded a $32 million grant for ten broadband infrastructure expansion projects across the state. This being the second highest award out of any state in the nation.

These projects will help bring broadband to over 12,000 under-served households across Mississippi. Governor Reeves said, “The goal of BEAM is to bring a coordinated approach to expanding broadband under one roof. Through BEAM, we are providing a single point of contact for all things broadband and helping to ensure we’re maximizing the ROI on these funds.”

The state’s BEAM office is making headway in getting the funds. Work will be cleared to begin once environmental and historical reviews are completed.

The governor said the entire project is expected to be completed by September 2023.

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