Governor Reeves gives statewide coronavirus update

Governor Tate Reeves and legislative leaders addressed the public today on how to move forward with coronavirus relief.

House Speaker Philip Gunn and Lieutenant Governor Delbert Hosemann sat with Reeves during the daily briefing to discuss their latest efforts on delivering $1.2 billion in Cares Act funding to Mississippi residents.

The bill passed last Friday giving the legislature control over the funds has been tabled until the governor and legislature can reach an agreement.

Reeves and legislative leaders hope this communication and collaboration can lead to a plan that brings serious relief to not only residents, but small businesses as well. Governor Reeves said, “As I’ve said before, I don’t really care who controls the money, the only thing I care about is speed. We know who needs this money. I believe that the three of us and the leaders in the House and the Senate can work together to craft a solution to get the money to the people who need it.”

Gunn said, “It is our hope that by early next week we will be able to unveil that plan, we will be able to appropriate dollars into that plan and our small businesses will immediately begin to receive some relief.”

The plan right now is for the legislature to appropriate funds, but allow the governor input on how they should be spent.

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