Governor Reeves announces end date on suspensions on evictions

Governor Tate Reeves once again addressed the public today for a COVID-19 briefing. He took the time today to thank the businesses that are taking extra precaution to safely open up their facilities.

He also announced an end date on suspensions on evictions. Reeves says it will not go in effect until the end of the month, starting on June 1st. The eviction process is not immediate. “I want to give everyone enough time for people to get the money that they need together to make a rent payment if you have fallen behind. Again, this will not go into effect immediately. We will sign an executive order, which allows it to go into effect June 1. But, for those of you who are renting, know that this suspension on evictions will come to an end. We have to recognize that housing doesn’t just happen, and it doesn’t grow on trees and we cannot suspend evictions forever.”

Lifting of the suspension will allow law enforcement to restart enforcement of eviction orders. Reeves left open the possibility of reinstating the suspension of evictions if another wave of COVID-19 infections hits the state later in the year.

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