Governor Reeves addresses unemployment fraud

In his daily press briefing, Governor Tate Reeves highlighted an ongoing issue across the country.

Governor Reeves said unemployment systems across the country are being attacked with false claims. They are often sophisticated networks of criminal hackers who will take your information, apply for unemployment, and then reap your benefits.

Governor Reeves is urging those applying to guard your information closely.

U.S. Attorney Mike Hurst says about a month ago, the United States Secret Service advised individuals that an international fraud ring had begun targeting seven states across the country, Mississippi included. MDES Director Jackie Turner said, “We will ask the people to provide information to us, an affidavit and some identifying information so that you can protect yourself from identity theft and those kinds of things. You’ll have to contact your local law enforcement agency and that information goes to us as well so we can put the stops on the unemployment insurance claim and then prevent future payments from being made.”

Hurst said, “Recently, the Department of Labor’s Inspector General noted that up to 26 billion can be wasted in unemployment fraud. Twenty-six billion. And as Jackie said, to her credit and to her staff’s credit, they quickly reached out to the United States Secret Service, to the Department of Labor Office Inspector General and we’ve brought in other partners including our state Attorney General’s office, our state Auditor’s office, social security office of Inspector General and others to investigate this.”

If you think you are a victim of fraud report it immediately. You can email When you report that, MDS will put a stop on that payment that is going to that fraudulent claim.

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