Governor Bryant on Trump Win

After months of an unpredictable and unique election season, Donald Trump was declared the 45th president of the United States.
Among those celebrating a Trump win was Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant. The governor and state Republican leaders held an election watch party in Jackson last night.
After the election was called early this morning, Bryant took to Facebook saying a Trump win is “good news for the Supreme Court and for the revival of American economic strength.”
Bryant says Trump brings a new voice to the Republican Party. “He’s talked about what he believes in, what he thinks is good for America. He hasn’t had any talking points. He hasn’t had to look to someone to do a poll and say tell me what I think I ought to be for. As I told them time and time again, you got to let Donald be Donald. Everyone was telling me, ask him to do this and tell them to quit doing that and I said ‘guys, you got to let Donald be Donald.’ And he has been and that’s what got him here.”
In a statement on Facebook after the race was called for Trump, Governor Bryant went on to say this election run has been a movement and he looks forward to working with the Trump administration.

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