Governor Bryant Signs Clarity Act

It was all smiles in Long Beach today as Governor Phil Bryant signed the Clarity Act, a bill crucial to those on the coast, where insurance rates have gone up 300 percent since Hurricane Katrina.
"It was just a wonderful feeling because we didn’t expect the absolute unanimous support of the legislature that we got,” said Paulette Mowbray of the Mississippi Affordable Wind Insurance Coalition.
The law will require insurance companies to explain how and why they charge what they do and clarify it by zip code so coastal residents can see how their premiums compare to those statewide.
"Each of the insurance companies were reporting differently. You cannot compare apples to apples when that’s happening. This is going to allow us to do a better job of that,” said Mowbray.
While the clarity act will not directly affect the cost of insurance, many are hopeful this is the first step in driving down rates.
"This bill in itself will not solve the problem, but what it does is it tells us where we’re at. Once the rates are out there, I really feel that just good old competition will take place for it,” said Leonard Carrubba.
A coastal group, The Mississippi Affordable Wind Insurance Coalition, played a major role in getting The Clarity Act through state legislature. Representative Scott Delano tells News 25 that today’s celebration is proof of what can be done when residents reach out to their local legislators.

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