Governor Bryant on Ole Miss Students’ Vote to Remove Flag

One day after students at the University of Mississippi voted for the removal of the state flag from campus, the faculty is now throwing in their support.
The Associated Student Body voted 33 to 15 Tuesday night to remove the controversial flag. The resolution included an amendment to “encourage the Mississippi Legislature to hasten their pursuit of a new state flag.”
Today, News 25 spoke to Governor Phil Bryant for his response to the students’ decision. The governor, who has said consistently the issue should be left up to the people of Mississippi, said, “I think that’s a group of students. I mean, let’s just think about where we are at, these are a group of students at Ole Miss, I’m not being critical of them but students do not control what the state flag may appear or where it may appear or what form it might take.”
The measure now goes to the university’s chancellor for review.

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