Governor Bryant Encouraged by Texas Immigration Order

The United States District Court for the Southern District of Texas has granted Texas’ petition for preliminary injunction against President Barack Obama’s executive action to grant deferred action status to certain illegal immigrants. Mississippi is one of 26 states with governors or attorneys general who are supporting Texas in the case.

Federal agencies will be temporarily prohibited from carrying out the President’s unilateral directive to grant amnesty to illegal immigrants. The court granted the injunction because it found the President violated the Administrative Procedures Act in issuing executive orders to circumvent federal immigration law.

Bryant says, “Time and time again, the President has refused to enforce federal immigration law and has instead circumvented Congress and directed federal agencies to grant amnesty to illegal immigrants. Enough is enough. I am very pleased the court has issued this temporary injunction, and I hope when the full case is heard the court will again side with the rule of law.”

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