Governor Bryant announces space initiatives

Today, Governor Phil Bryant made his way down to Infinity Science Center to make some big announcements. A new economic development initiative and space directive were both announced as Mississippi continues to assist in space exploration.

The road to space goes through Mississippi. Governor Phil Bryant made that statement while speaking at Infinity Science Center in Hancock County. “We want to make sure that we continue to support our NASA center here at John C. Stennis Space Center and that just doesn’t happen by happenstance, you have to be dedicated to it. The state of Mississippi is going to have to put some investment in, the way we invest in shipbuilding, the way we invest in automobiles.”

A large crowd listened as the governor formally announced the partnership between Relativity Space and Stennis Space Center. Relativity Space has begun production on 3D metal printing machines at Stennis which will allow for 3D printed rocket engines to be produced in just 60 days compared to 18 months. Relativity Space Co-founder Jordan Noone said, “We definitely think this is the future of manufacturing. Within 50 years, everything will be 3D printed and within the next 20, we think the entirety of aerospace will be and we’ll be the ones leading the charge into that.”

Following President Trump’s announcement of a space force last year, Mississippi began researching development on their end and Monday that development reached its conclusion. Governor Brant signed an executive order, establishing a Mississippi space force within the National Guard.

Major General Janson Boyles of the Mississippi National Guard tells News 25 the driving force behind the space force is intelligence. “Any military organization needs intelligence, whether you’re Army on the ground, Air Force in the air, so it would stand to reason that space would present opportunity for intelligence.”

Space force will be used to create and utilize space technology to develop defense and disaster response strategies. Even with the Coast’s large military presence, Governor Bryant sees an opportunity for more. “My goal would be to have a Keesler sized space force at NASA and connected to it. That is the center of the space force for a large part of the United States so that young men and women are coming here to train because we began early. We’ll be on the leading edge with the necessary training for the space force of the future.”

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