Gov. Phil Bryant Signs Investment Bill for Ingalls

Many of Ingalls Shipbuilding’s 11,000 employees travel from four states to work each day, but thanks to a new investment bill signed by Governor Phil Bryant today, the state’s largest employer will get even bigger.
The president of Ingalls Shipbuilding outlined the plan to continue the partnership with the state to build the “shipyard of the future” before handing the podium over to Governor Bryant. The governor spoke today about how infrastructure improvements and new covered facilities would allow even greater productivity at the ship yard, and ceremoniously signed a bill which would authorize $20 million in bond funds to use for these improvements.
Governor Phil Bryant said, “ This is a big idea, this is a big project, and if you look at the Carolinas, Texas, the states we are now competing with, you have to have these types of projects that will employ 16 or 17 hundred people that will make 70% of the ships for the US Navy, once you’ve done that others will follow, so these big projects will bring other big projects.”
Ingalls Shipbuilding will match the state’s investment 2 to 1, making the total bond $60 million.

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