Gov. John Bel Edwards Speaks On Flooding

Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards is asking the federal government to declare a major disaster for his state. Governor Edwards requested for President Barack Obama to make the declaration. Four parishes fall under the declaration including East Baton Rouge but Governor Edwards says he expects more to be added. Of the thousands of people who have been rescued from their homes many currently residing in emergency shelters.
They’re also warning people to stay inside and not go “sight-seeing.” Governor John Bel Edwards Louisiana, “We don’t have any stranded motorists on the 12. We do have few dozen vehicles, however, that we will reunite with their owners as soon as the situation allows.”
Mike Evans Louisiana state police, “We don’t need you to be out if you don’t need to be out. It’s not a site seeing thing to go out and want to see this, especially at nighttime. So, we’re asking you to please stay in your homes if that’s the safest place for you at this time.”
Governor Edwards says as of right now, there have been more than 20,000 people rescued from their homes in and around Southern Louisiana.

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