Gov. Believes Clarity Bill Will Relieve Insurance Problems

Many officials blame high insurance rates as the key factor slowing down development and rebuilding on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, but that soon may change as the Clarity Bill passed both houses of the state legislature and is now headed to the Governor’s desk. The bill will provide data from insurance companies on premiums and losses by zip code. The Governor says he believes this bill will help both homeowners and insurance companies.

Governor Bryant says, “Each night, it seems like I’ve got lizards and ladies in white aprons telling me how I can compare, I can go online and compare, and that’s what clarity does, it compares the cost of insurance with the premiums paid out. I intend to sign it when it reaches my desk.”

The Governor will sign the bill in the next few weeks, but he will have a ceremonial signing over the summer with those who worked hard to get it passed.

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