Goula Grinch is stealing Christmas cheer in Pascagoula

Pascagoula Police Chief Matt Chapman held a special press conference Tuesday morning regarding the Goula Grinch who has been terrorizing residents in the city.

It’s been less than two weeks since the Goula Grinch was granted parole on ‘good behavior’ yet he has already been wreaking havoc in the City of Pascagoula.

The city is preparing for their annual ‘Downtown for the Holidays’ Christmas celebration on December 4th. It’s a joyous occasion for citizens to commemorate the beginning of the holiday season, although too much holiday cheer might entice one individual determined to ruin Christmas. Chief Chapman said, “We got some intel that the Goula Grinch is supposed to come to the parade this Friday night.”

But rest assured, Pascagoula PD remains confident in their abilities to contain the monster whose heart is an empty hole. “We have extra bodies out. We’re looking for him. He’s very elusive, but we will catch him.”

The Goula Grinch has already burglarized an Army-Navy store, caused chaos on the roads, and even robbed a Pascagoula councilwoman this holiday season. Pascagoula Public Information Officer Katarina Luketich said, “We think if he does show up for Downtown for the Holidays, he’ll see how great of a community this is. So, we know if he does come, his heart will grow two sizes.”

Until Pascagoula PD captures the Grinch, there’s a few safety tips that can be done to keep you and your family safe. Homeowners and businesses should keep their buildings well-lit and secured. Citizens should adhere to direction given by law enforcement. When shopping, don’t be distracted by your phone. Lock your car doors and have a firm grip on your bags or belongings.

Don’t fall victim to a Grinch this holiday season.

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