Gorenflo Students Head Back to School after Lightning Strike

It’s back to school today after lightning struck Gorenflo Elementary School earlier this week, giving students a day off of school yesterday.

Teachers, faculty, and staff reported to work at the Biloxi elementary school yesterday as crews assessed damage caused when lightning apparently struck one of the AC units at the school Wednesday night.

Officials have determined no flames actually broke out, but the lightning did hit one of the AC units, blowing a fuse inside the school, generating a lot of smoke and setting off the alarms.

Fortunately, fire fighters at a station located right across the street from the school were able to respond quickly.

Gorenflo’s principal, Dr. Vera Robertson, tells News 25 there isn’t any visible damage, but she and others at the school wanted to make sure conditions were good, and that the air conditioning was working properly when students returned to class.

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