Golf cart resolution moves forward in Long Beach

A resolution allowing golf carts on the city streets in Long Beach is driving up debate. City aldermen plan to discuss the resolution in Jackson tomorrow.
Right now it is not legal to drive a golf cart up and down the streets in downtown Long Beach, but that could change depending on the outcome of a city resolution moving toward approval. Roy Price lives in the designated area where the golf carts would become legal. “I don’t see anything wrong with it. It’s a small town and it’s probably better. When there’s something going on this street there’s a lot of congestion.”
Long Beach’s city attorney is in the process of putting together a final draft of the ordinance while awaiting approval in the state legislature. If approved, Long Beach would join cities like Diamondhead, where golf carts are currently free to drive around. Legalizing golf carts in more cities on the Coast concerns police. Long Beach Officer Joey Payne said, “They don’t have turn signals, most of them don’t have insurance, we are a very busy tourist community. People come from all over so if they’re not aware of golf carts being on the road, they might not see them.”
City aldermen think allowing the golf carts would benefit tourism and make it easier for residents to get around. City Alderman Mark Lishen said, “Pedestrian friendly downtown that makes it nice and leisure to stroll around and it would be great for a business.”
City officials have heard the concerns of residents over the golf carts and they say they’re keeping safety as number one. “We’ll require a person with a driver’s license and insurance.”
They say set rules will be in place before letting drivers drive away. “You have to have seat belts, breaks, turning lights, headlights.”

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