Goldwing Riders are Back on Coast for Yearly Rally

The Goldwing Riders are back on the Gulf Coast for their yearly rally. The Courtyard Marriot in Gulfport is the home base of the riders for this year’s district rally.

Each state puts on a themed rally to showcase their state, and the Mississippi Goldwing Riders love the Gulf Coast. The theme of this year’s rally is "be a clown," so you’ll see many riders dressed as clowns as they promote their ideals of family fun, safety, and charity. After Thursday night’s costume party at the West Harrison Civic Center in Long Beach, the club will ride along Highway 90 for the lighted bike parade and they invite anyone to come.

Lori Bryant, District Director for the Goldwing Riders, says, "Anybody is welcome, like I said, and it’s where we show our hospitality and we show what Mississippi is about and we love it here on the Coast because it’s a great place, good food, good ridin’, and great family.”

Bobby Bryant, also a District Director for the Goldwing Riders, says, “I do want to say something. I’m pretty psyched. Around 9 o’clock, we’ll be coming down the main drag here and we’ll have maybe 100 bikes and they’ll be all lit up, it’ll be a beautiful thing, awesome."

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