Giving back to vets

Currently the Department of Veterans Affairs estimates that 20 veterans commit suicide in the United States of America each day.
Thanks to a rise in awareness and support for former service members, this number is lower than the 22 a day rate that was calculated in 2012. One group looks to drive that number even lower, particularly in the large veteran community here on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.
Spartan Alliance will be hosting a weekend for veterans in October to give vets and their caregivers a break with a weekend trip to the Scarlet Pearl, including a reception dinner, a bicycle ride, a formal gala, and much more. Larry Bothner with the Spartan Alliance said, “This is a veteran community, we want the community to get behind this event. It’s near and dear to me, I am a veteran. I do have PTSD. I love helping out my brothers and sister. I’ve been volunteering for the past ten years to help these guys out so it’s near and dear to me to get these guys together, just to see the brotherhood and the sisterhood we have as veterans.”
The Spartan Weekend will take place October 13th and 14th. The cut-off date for registration is September 15th and the Spartan Alliance is still looking for vendors. You can find more information at

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