Giving back to the U.S. Coast Guard

On Monday, News 25 told you about a local man who had a goal to feed members of the U.S. Coast Guard during the government shutdown. News 25’s Kristen Anzuini has an update.

Locals saw it as a call to action when one man asked for the community’s help to feed those with a lot of uncertainty during the government shutdown. Since the beginning of the week, Jocko Angle from Kings Second Chance said he has seen an outpour of donations for the U.S. Coast Guard. “I just don’t believe how the community has come together and we are only talking four days. I cannot say thank you enough to the Mississippi Gulf Coast.”

Angle has placed food and home good drop boxes at many of the Tractor Supply Stores around the Coast, but the donations didn’t stop there. “We’ve got Stonnington Farms down here. We got 50 pounds of meat that they donated to the Coast Guard. I’ve got casinos that have donated buffets and the Cajun Crawfish Hut, they have donated meals. I’ve got Tractor Supply and we’ve got all of this food right here.”

People from all over the Coast have come together to donate dozens of items like canned goods and home goods, but one local farm really stepped it up when they donated over $500 worth of meat. Stonnington Farms Owner Katie Stonnington said, “My husband, Michael Stonnington, was in the service and he was thrilled with the idea of donating some meat. So, we gathered together about 25 roasts, it’s about 70 pounds, and we were told there were about 25 families so we thought we’d give them all a roast.”

Angle will be collecting food donations for the Coast Guard for as long as they are without a paycheck. You can drop off any canned food or home good items at your local Tractor Supply Store.

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