Give back to HSSM at Chick-Fil-A Gulfport

‘Tis the season of giving and the Humane Society of South Mississippi is on a 25 day mission to find loving forever homes for their shelter pets, all a part of their advent calendar.

HSSM will be popping up all over town for 25 days with donation boxes at your favorite local businesses and today’s stop is Chick-Fil-A on Highway 49 in Gulfport.

While you’re out today or the next two weeks you can drop off your donations in the donation box to help shelter pets in need.

Right now the shelter is in need of blankets, towels, soft treats, wet dog and cat food, Velveeta cheese, and kitty litter.

If you have a sweet tooth you can give back in that way as well. Chick-Fil-A Gulfport Marketing Director Amy Comstock said, “Why don’t we do, we call it ‘Cookie for a Cause.’ If anyone purchases a cookie and they say ‘hey, I’m here supporting the Humane Society of South Mississippi,’ we’re going to donate a dollar of that $1.29 cookie. We’re just hoping to raise as much funds for the Humane Society as we can.”

You can purchase your chocolate chunk cookie now until December 21st to support HSSM.

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