Ghost Bike Memorial Honors Pascagoula Cyclist

Coast residents using Highway 63 near Moss Point will now see a ghost bike in memory of cyclist Steve Chatters.
Last month, 54-year-old Steve Chatters, of Pascagoula, was riding his bike northbound on Highway 63 when he was struck and killed by a motorist.
A ghost bike is a common type of memorial when cyclists are hit and killed while riding. The memorial was put there by the Singing River Cyclist Group. The group says the memorial is in honor of Chatters, but it’s also a way to raise awareness of traffic and safety laws surrounding cyclists.
Kristi Ducote with Pascagoula Parks and Recreation said, “We need to educate motorists, what they should do when they see a cyclist on the road. We also have to educate the cyclist and make sure that they’re riding properly and following the rules of the road just as a regular motor vehicle would abide by the rules of the road.”
By law, in Mississippi, motorists must give cyclists three feet when passing them.

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