Getting ready for 2021 Mississippi Legislative session

There will be a few changes when Mississippi lawmakers return to the state capitol in Jackson for the 2021 legislative session.

Face masks will be required when legislators return in January for the 2021 session. According to lawmakers, they will continue with measures put in place this past year including social distancing and being in separate rooms, but it looks like it will be business as usual when the legislature reconvenes and the nation’s November general election behind us. Secretary of State Michael Watson said, “We are looking at a few things for the upcoming 2021 Legislative Session. Again, always protecting tidelands, making sure that money is returned to the coast. You talk about elections. We just had a large election, and an important one for the future of our country. I’m happy to say we had a clean election here in Mississippi. We had record turnout, the most number of voters we’ve ever seen in Mississippi.”

The state legislative session is still scheduled to open on Tuesday, January 5th according to the state constitution guidelines.

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