Getting prepared for Cruisin’ the Coast traffic

Sunday, Cruisin’ the Coast will be revving up and being the Gulf Coast’s biggest block party traffic will be expected for the next week.

Residents should consider that Highway 90 will be jam packed with cruisers so that route is probably not the best route in a hurry.

Planning ahead and providing extra time to all your destinations is advised during this time. Alternate routes in Gulfport should be used such as Pass Road or the interstate.

Be mindful that traffic will be backed up between Hewes and Tegarden in Gulfport.  Gulfport Police Public Information Officer Detective Jason Ducre said, “Cruisin’ the Coast, one of the biggest block parties that we have down here. Expect a lot of cars, a lot of traffic, have your alternate routes pre-planned, make sure you take advantage of them. Be mindful of pedestrian traffic and drive responsible, there will be an influx of cars, vehicles, and people. Just remember we are all here to have a good time and enjoy it.”

Cruisin’ the Coast will officially begin this Sunday.

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