Get lost in time at the dinosaur exhibit opening at Mississippi Aquarium

There’s a new attraction at the Mississippi Aquarium in Gulfport that is dino-mite!

Your ticket for the Mississippi Aquarium will also double as a passport to Pangea for their new Dinosaurs around the World: The Great Outdoors exhibit. MDEQ Geologist James Starnes said, “Right here in Mississippi, we do have quite a number of dinosaurs that have been found. Our dinosaur age rocks are actually northeast Mississippi, but we have hydrosaurus that have been found here. We got ceratopsians, which are relatives of the triceratops, that have been found here.”

In the exhibit, visitors will be able to travel back in time on a dinosaur adventure and enjoy a tour of earth that’s very different from the one we know now. Mississippi Aquarium Communications Manager Jeff Clark said, “Ten life-sized animatronic dinosaurs around the campus that are interactive.”

Kids will receive a printed booklet to help guide them through the exhibit with fun activities about each dinosaur and also get creative drawing dinosaurs. “It’s going to be a great time for kids and families to come out and have a great time and there is also a huge learning component attached to it as well.”

While the dinosaurs will be on the outside, fossils from across Mississippi will be displayed on the inside. “We have a chance to see what was going on in the oceans and compare that to what was going on on the land with the dinosaurs that were living on the land.”

The goal of the exhibit is to bring the three pillars of the Mississippi Aquarium to life. “Education, conservation, and community. It’s an educational component and you certainly are going to learn about conservation.”

The Dinosaurs around the World: The Great Outdoors exhibit opens Saturday and will be on display until October 2nd.

Tickets are $29.95 for adults, $24.94 for children, and $26.95 for seniors.

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