“Get to Be” Bike Walk Summit

Transportation officials say more people are looking to move into communities where walking and biking is the standard.
The “Get to Be” Bike-Walk Summit wheeled into the Biloxi Civic Center today as part of a three day event where Mississippi Transportation officials and local leaders will discuss national strategies to create walkable and bikeable communities throughout the state.
President of the Transportation for America John Robert Smith tells News 25 before railroad passenger service can make a successful return to the Coast we have to make sure our community is connected at a smaller level. “Hopefully passenger rail will be that one missing link that is restored, but this doesn’t just bubble up from out of the ground. There has to be commitment by local leaders to make this happen and to invest their infrastructure dollars in the kind of infrastructure people are looking for in bikeable and walkable neighborhoods.”
The summit’s sessions covers topics ranging from street design to finding funding for trails, paths and sidewalks.

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