George County opts out of medical marijuana

George County has opted out of medical marijuana being sold or grown in the county as of now.

Medical marijuana will still be legal in the county, but the county will not allow any businesses in the area to grow or sell.

George County Board of Supervisors voted unanimously today after a public hearing which allowed people in the community to discuss their point of view.

The county is only allowed to opt out once. As part of the new law, Mississippi cities and counties have until May 3rd to decide whether they will opt out. George County Communications Director Ken Flanagan said, “They just feel like they needed to see how larger counties are going to handle this, maybe counties of a similar size of George County were going to handle this. See how the roll-out occurs along the Coast and kind of based on that rollout on the Coast, they would than bring this issue backup and are willing to discuss it again in the future.”

Counties only get one time to opt out, but can opt back in at any time.

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