GC Elite High School football showcase

The 2020 high school football season may be over on the Gulf Coast. However, college football recruiting is far from over.

Gulf Coast Elite Training is helping those high school football players who are hoping to play the game at the next level with a free showcase and camp tomorrow starting at 11 a.m. at Milner Stadium.

The camp will include a 40-yard dash competition, individual position drills, and one-on-one competition drills. Forty times will be documented and the entire showcase will be live streamed on YouTube so all the numbers athletes put up can be sent to college coaches.

Several college coaches will also be in attendance at the showcase. Ninth through 12th graders of all positions are welcome to come out and participate in the event. Showcase Recruiting Coordinator and instructor Donte Stallworth said, “Due to the season, you know with Corona, some teams had to cancel their season or miss games. So, we thought we would give back to them by coming out here to showcase their skills for coaches.”

Showcase Instructor Tavaris Crosby said, “What we’re hoping they leave with is the knowledge of the game a little bit better and also just bridging that gap between the high school and the college. Because a lot of them, like he said, didn’t have a real fair shake at this season due to COVID. So, we wanted to be able to bridge that gap and kinda connect the kids with the college players that didn’t have the opportunity to during the season.”

GC Elite recommends athletes remember to bundle up and show up by 10 a.m. or earlier in order to get their temperature checked and get through position registration on time.

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