Gautier’s new 3D masterpiece represents Mississippi nature

A new Mississippi masterpiece is finished at Gautier City Hall and it may be worth a glimpse.
What you’re looking at is a full-scale wall mural right at the entrance of City Hall in Gautier. The masterpiece was done with 3D paint and is meant to showcase the Sandhill Crane Habitat in Gautier. The plants, trees, flowers, and animals featured in the 3D wall mural all can be found in Gautier.
City Aldermen who helped make the masterpiece a reality tell News 25 the wall mural gives visitors another reason to come to Gautier. Ward 2 Councilman Hurley Ray Guillotte said, “Wiggins, Lucedale, a lot of the schools bring their fourth graders here in Gautier to see our Sandhill cranes. It’s a big addition to our city and I was glad to be a part of adding something to our city hall that portrays the Sandhill cranes of Mississippi.”
The mural was painted by local artist Sandra Eisler. An official unveiling ceremony will be done by the Sandhill Crane National Wildlife Refuge later this month.

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