Gautier State of the City Address

Today, the mayor of Gautier had two big surprises for Gautier residents during his state of the city address.
Southern Light Chief Operating Officer Eric Daniels may have the solution to help Gautier’s internet woes.
Some areas of the city have very poor service or no service at all, but fault doesn’t fall on the shoulders of the ones that originally designed the grounding of fiber optics.
Daniels said, “it’s not that the systems were ever poorly designed, it’s just they weren’t capable or designed around handling the massive amounts of data your average home owner is using nowadays.”
Southern Light traditionally services businesses, but will now attempt to help run fiber optics to individual households. There is no timetable on the project, but it will help Gautier homes support their data demand.
Mayor Gordon Gollot also announced that the city of Gautier will be hosting the United States Collegiate Archery Associations 2016 archery championship at Shepard Park.

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