Gautier Residents are Seeing Improvements to the Color of Their Water

For quite some time, the city of Gautier has had complaints of a brownish tint to the water. But since the city’s implication of their new Ion Exchange Water Treatment, residents are already seeing improvements. Gautier is the first city in Mississippi with this type of filtration system. And while some parts of the city still see a yellowish color to the water, the city says it should be completely clear within the next six months.
Edward Howard, Clearwater Solutions operations supervisor, said, “There’s a lot of benefits as far as with it staining your tubs and toilets and just you, picking up a glass of water and you can see through it a lot better. As far as the quality of the water, it’s fine. It’s just the color that they’re trying to get rid of.”
According to Clearwater Solutions, the Ion Exchange Water Treatment meets higher certification standards than any other in surrounding cities.

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