Gautier Resident, Mark Everson, Announces He’ll Run for President

A Gautier resident has announced he will run for President of the United States. Mark Everson, originally from New York City, has lived in Mississippi for the past seven years and has a variety experience in the government and private sector.

Most Mississippi Gulf Coast citizens don’t even know the 46th IRS Commissioner is living in Jackson County, but many are even more surprised to hear he is running as a Republican to be President of the United States.

News 25 sat down with Everson at his home in Gautier to hear his plan on how to make it to the White House. Everson is throwing his hat in the ring to run for President. He says, “The issues that the country is facing, it really is a very significant time. We’ve got to get after issues like tax reform. We’ve got to get after issues like the banks, which are running out of control.”

Everson has boiled his agenda down to six key initiatives he hopes to achieve if elected. They include:

-Fundamental tax reform
-Confronting the lawlessness of the big banks
-Re-establishing the draft
-Real, balanced reforms to our entitlement programs
-Reinforcing the American tradition of assimilation through comprehensive immigration reform
-Single-term presidencies

Everson served in a variety of positions under President Reagan and Bush, and is most known for his stint as IRS Commissioner. Everson says, “I know taxes. I know immigration. I’ve run both those agencies as the Commissioner for the IRS and the number two at the INS back in the Reagan days. So I’m going to work on both, both those issues. Who’s better suited to work on both those issues than somebody who has actually run those agencies?”

But Everson left Capitol Hill to be with his youngest son in Jackson County, and says while living in Mississippi, he’s learned a lot. He says, “There are traditional American values that are here in Mississippi. It’s still very family oriented and I’ve learned a lot in the time I’ve been down here, and yes, that will be in part the basis for some of the things I say about education and other issues.”

Everson hopes he can take all his experience and start a real conversation. He closes, “My hope is that I can frame these issues and that’s they’ll resonate with enough people that they’ll say, ‘Hey, wait a minute, we’re tired of this business as usual.’”

Everson says it won’t be easy, but he will fight for the American people. Everson also says his goal is to make it on stage in August for the first Republican debate. While he knows it’s a long shot and an uphill battle, Everson hopes his experience and early start will help him gain the recognition he needs. Friday, News 25 will bring you more on Everson’s experience in the White House during 9/11 and his ideas for international policy.

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