Gautier K9 officer diagnosed with stage 4 cancer

The Jackson County community is asking for help in any form for Gautier K9 Officer Ben McQuagge.

McQuagge was recently diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer. He, his wife, and two children brought an old house in Vancleave in hopes of renovating it. Due to his diagnoses, McQuagge and his wife had to put off renovations as the K9 officer goes through cancer treatment.

Jackson County Sheriff Mike Ezell, Carl King, and John Harry David at Kingdom Ministries, along with many others of the Jackson County community have taken it upon themselves to help the McQuagges raise money for the remodeling of their home as well as lend a helping hand. Sheriff Ezell said, “This is just really devastating for that to happen to anybody, but when you see a young man like this with a little family and they’re just doing all the right things to be good citizens. You know, things happen and that’s some of the unexplainable things in life. Good things– you know, bad things happen to good people. And we don’t have all the answers, but as the Sheriff and as a community leader, people know that I try to do the right thing for all. I really, really want to put effort into getting this done.”

You can donate to the McQuagge Project by sending your tax deductible donations to the Bacot McCarty Foundation or contact the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office to see how you can help.

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