Gautier High School honors top-student athletes at EXCEL Awards

It was a night of celebration for the Gautier Gators!

Gautier High School honored the top students in different categories in athletics at their second annual GHS Excel Awards.

Excel is an acronym that stands for ‘educated, x-factor, committed, excellent, and a leader.’ The award not only recognizes the athletes for their performance on a court or field, but they highlight their hard work done in the classroom.

As an entire athletic program, Gautier student-athletes had an outstanding cumulative GPA of 3.57.

Gautier Athletic Director Jonathan Story says his goal was to enforce how important it is to be a student before being an athlete. “I wanted to really stress the academic part… the student part of student-athlete, and this has enabled us to do that. I wanted to make sure we celebrated the student part, celebrate them, and just kind of base it on what the Espys do.”

Scholarships were also given out during the program.

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