Gautier High School Bomb Threat

Another bomb threat was made at a local high school today, making that the fourth bomb threat along the Coast in the last two weeks.
Students and faculty at Gautier High School were evacuated from the building after a bomb threat note was found in a bathroom around 1:30 this afternoon. Mississippi Highway Patrol, Gautier Police and Fire Department, and the Jackson County K-9 Unit performed a thorough sweep of the school grounds. The all clear was given around 2:30 and students were released back to class.
Numerous parents rushed to the school, eager to check their student out of possible harm’s way. Parent Gina McElroy said, “Technology today is upgraded, just like the terrorist attacks, devices, new technology, who is to say that the school won’t go up at 7 o’clock. They assured us that everything was alright but we don’t know that.”
Parents of Gautier High students were notified of the threat through the district’s call-out system.

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