Gautier High Parents Briefed on Student with Tuberculosis

Tuesday evening, parents of students at Gautier High School met with staff and state health officials after the school announced Monday that one of its students has tuberculosis. School officials and Dr. Paul Byers from the Mississippi State Department of Health (M.S.D.H.) were are the meeting to help put parents’ minds at ease and answer their questions.

There has been one confirmed case of tuberculosis, but this student had been out of school since before Christmas break and officials feel the danger is minimal. That said, they are planning on testing between 100 and 150 students, including classmates, friends, and people who had extended close personal contact with the student. These students will undergo two rounds of blood tests, the first on January 13th.

TB is a bacterial infection that starts in the lungs, but can spread, and is treatable with a regimen of medication over a period of six to nine months. School officials say that if you are a parent of a student who will be tested, you will be notified directly.

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